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Our Services

Our Services

Families Together Services

Families Together Services combat the effects of poverty, violence and toxic stress through a therapeutic and intensive relationship-based approach that results in significant developmental progress for children, builds stronger families and empowers parents with the tools to create a nurturing, healthy environment at home. Our strategy focuses on three critical areas: parent education and support, early childhood education and therapy services.  Lifetrack's Families Together Services are uniquely effective in both early intervention and prevention for children and families requiring the most intensive, complex and targeted services. Learn More

Programs Include:

Employment Services

For nearly 70 years, Employment Services has worked in partnership with our changing community to empower those who experience significant obstacles by helping individuals draw upon their inherent strengths. Through comprehensive employment services and strong partnerships with employers, training institutions, government, and other community organizations, Lifetrack provides people with opportunities to develop the skills to achieve their aspirations of financial security and meaningful work.

Lifetrack is a trailblazer in the career pathways arena, achieving job placement and retention rates that rank in the top 15 percent nationally (as determined by the National Benchmarking Project). To meet the needs of a diverse group of program participants - we draw from the first-hand knowledge of our multicultural and multi-linguistic staff.  We provide employment services to 800 people annually, offering specialized training opportunities and career pathways out of poverty.

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Deaf & Hard of Hearing — Family Services

Lifetrack’s Deaf and Hard of Hearing — Family Services offer unbiased parent-to-parent support, instruction in American Sign Language, opportunities to develop relationships with successful Deaf and Hard of Hearing adults and training in educational advocacy. Learn More

Programs Include:

These programs are recognized as playing a critical role in the Minnesota Early Hearing Detection and Intervention System

Number of Clients Served in 2019

  • Employment Services


  • Child & Family Services


  • Deaf & Hard of Hearing - Family Services


  • Delta Dental
    Delta Dental
  • Collegis Education
    Collegis Education
  • Wells Fargo
    Wells Fargo
  • Associated Bank
    Associated Bank
  • American Family Insurance
    American Family Insurance
  • Marbrook Foundation
    Marbrook Foundation
  • Patrick and Aimee Butler Family Foundation
    Patrick and Aimee Butler Family Foundation
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