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Families Together

Therapeutic Preschool

Families Together Therapeutic Preschool

Lifetrack's Families Together Therapeutic Preschool uses a team approach to address the many challenges presented by the students.  Each child’s team consists of a lead teacher, assistant teacher, classroom aides, a speech and language, occupational, and/or mental health therapist, and a social worker.  The team, working with the child’s parent or caregiver, develops an individualized plan for addressing cognitive, developmental or social-emotional needs, and holds bi-weekly meetings to discuss the child’s progress.  By providing trauma based therapeutic approaches such as mental health, speech, and occupation therapy, children learn how to deal with a wide range of stressors using a variety of self-regulation techniques. 

Beyond helping children learn self-regulation, another priority is to show children that there is another way to have relationships, to know what love is, to know what trust is. When trusting relationships are established preschool staff can begin to address the cycles of trauma within families.  Our therapeutic setting is not about short-term results. The staff works with children for up to three years, and then embrace siblings from home care through adoption, so we can help children maintain regulation and progress throughout whatever trials they may face. 

The Families Together program receives funding from the United Way, private foundations, community partnerships, and the Federal Child and Adult Care Food Program. Families Together collaborates with St. Paul Public Schools Public School and Ramsey County Child Protection to identify and fund services for children and families who can benefit from program participation. Individual families do not pay for services.

To get started, please complete the Families Together Therapeutic Preschool Interest Form

Families Together Therapeutic Preschool Interest Form

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