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Families Together

Families Together Services

Lifetrack’s Families Together Services combats the effects of poverty, violence and toxic stress through a therapeutic and intensive relationship-based approach that results in significant developmental progress for children, builds stronger families and empowers parents with the tools to create a nurturing, healthy environment at home. Our strategy focuses on three areas: parent education and support, early childhood education and therapy services.  Lifetrack's Families Together Services are uniquely effective in both early intervention and prevention for children and families requiring the most intensive, complex and targeted services.

Therapeutic Preschool

Families Together Therapeutic Preschool helps at-risk three and four-year-old children with academic, developmental and social-emotional learning supports, mental health, speech and occupational therapy services to help prepare them for kindergarten. The Preschool uses a trauma-based, team approach to help children deal with a wide range of stressors.  Lifetrack offers half-day preschool classes 3-4 times a week. 

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Home Visiting

Families Together Home Visiting works with referred families of highly stressed children ages prenatal to five to teach them positive parenting skills. The families we serve need specialized intensive services to overcome trauma and multiple adverse childhood experiences. Frequent home visits help parents and caregivers work towards their goals, learn coping strategies for reducing stress, develop positive parenting skills and connect with community resources.

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Children's Therapy Services

Lifetrack assesses children’s therapeutic needs and offers on-site speech/language, occupational and mental health therapies to children who need them. Lifetrack also offers an eight-week FASD Social Skills Training Program program for children on (or who are expected to be on) the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum who need help with social and self-regulation skills. Children learn how to join a group to play, how to handle rejection, how to be a good winner or loser, read social cues and more.

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