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Stories of Impact

  • “Every time I did an interview, they’d turn me down,” Rose said. “They’d say, ‘Sorry, we can’t hire you.’ I got so upset. Was it my age? Was it my disability? I didn’t know. When I found out about Lifetrack, I felt my life had been saved.”

  • This was the beginning of an emotionally exhausting journey for the new parents as they struggled to figure out the right things to do for their daughter. After several failed attempts with hearing aids and cochlear implants, Callie knew they had to try a different approach, and she knew they couldn’t do it alone.

  • Immediately following the riots in Minneapolis and Saint Paul in June, many areas in the metro were experiencing grocery store closures and transportation challenges. For individuals and families living in those affected areas, the situation quickly created a critical-need for access to basic supplies. This included families that Lifetrack supports through our Families Together (FT) programs, specifically home visiting and the therapeutic preschool. The FT team knew they needed to find a way to support these families.

  • Working with Lifetrack gave me the desire to re-enter the workforce. For a while, I was so lost with what to do with my life that I stopped caring. This service gave me the chance to uncover my potential and realize that I can pursue and accomplish my goals. Work is such a satisfying part of life and I love the opportunity to learn and grow.

  • These days, there is a lot of singing and dancing in Josh and Nate’s home. Thanks to a lot of love, hard work and the support of Lifetrack, these loving parents have settled into raising three active kids, juggling school activities, swimming lessons, playgroups and social events.

Number of Clients Served in 2019

  • Employment Services


  • Child & Family Services


  • Deaf & Hard of Hearing - Family Services


  • Delta Dental
    Delta Dental
  • Collegis Education
    Collegis Education
  • Wells Fargo
    Wells Fargo
  • Associated Bank
    Associated Bank
  • American Family Insurance
    American Family Insurance
  • Marbrook Foundation
    Marbrook Foundation
  • Patrick and Aimee Butler Family Foundation
    Patrick and Aimee Butler Family Foundation
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